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Foodborne Outbreaks and How to Avoid Them

A restaurant that experiences a foodborne illness outbreak may never fully recover. Not only will it have to go through outbreak investigations, but the bad publicity could ruin its reputation forever. In some cases, customers may even try to sue the company for medical expenses, etc.

Food Safety: How to Be on Top of It 24/7

Food safety should be one of the top priorities for any restaurant owner. In the food industry, safety and quality are extremely important. Not only does safe food boost your business’s reputation, but it keeps your customers from being at risk of foodborne illnesses.

What Is Real-Time Temperature Monitoring and Why Does Your Food Business Need It?

As a restaurant owner, you already know the importance of food safety. One of the biggest priorities in any commercial kitchen should always be maintaining proper food temperature. While there are many different ways to do that, most of them involve manually checking things, which can lead to human error. As a result, you could be putting your patrons at risk for foodborne illnesses.

What It Takes to Become the Technological Leader in the Food Safety Industry

Technology has continuously played a large part in the food safety industry. Food safety technology is important to both customers and restaurant owners/chefs alike. Without these advancements in technology, the food service industry would still be left to rely on outdated checklists and a lot of guesswork.

Food Safety Technology Trends Restaurants Need to Know

Technology continues to evolve and get better in almost every industry. The food service industry is no exception. Food safety technology is more advanced than ever. The better these innovations get, the more confident restaurants can be in serving quality, safe food to their customers.

Protect Guests by Ensuring Safe Produce Handling

When most restaurant owners and chefs think about restaurant food safety, things like meat, fish, and poultry come to mind. While it’s important to keep a food temperature log for things like that, it’s equally essential to ensure safe produce handling within your kitchen.