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Automated food safety strengthens restaurants against COVID-19

The restaurant industry has been stretched to the breaking point through losses driven by COVID-19.

It’s not just the loss of consumer demand and top-line revenue, either. Restaurant owners and brand executives have more obligations on their plate than ever. In the post-coronavirus era, restaurants have no choice but to eke out as much labor productivity as they can from remaining resources. They…

vet food safety systems

The complete buying guide to food safety systems

Today’s food safety systems must go further than pen-and-paper systems possibly could.

That means incorporating cutting-edge capabilities and technologies into your operations. The foodservice industry has been slower to adopt tech-oriented solutions than other industries; a full 39% of restaurant operators believe their own technology implementations are “lagging,” according to Restaurant…

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Incriminating food safety data is the tool to protect your brand

Here’s a secret: sometimes it’s the bad news that truly empowers restaurants to prevent food safety (and potential coronavirus-related) crises.

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How Food Safety Practices Boost Profits in the Age of the Coronavirus

For restaurant owners and executives, the COVID-19 pandemic has heaved operations into an existential crisis.

Since the coronavirus started leading to lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders across the United States, restaurant revenues have plummeted, and brands are struggling to figure out to survive the collapse in demand.

In the post-coronavirus world, margins matter. And here, there’s good…

Food safety data is critical for restaurants to survive the coronavirus

It’s not easy to run a foodservice operation even in ordinary times.

Now try it in the midst of a pandemic that has forced the closure of in-store dining across the nation, thanks to lockdown and shelter-in-place orders designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The result has been massive revenue and job losses and store closures. The industry is likely to lose hundreds of billions of dollars…

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Food Safety Minute: Hand Washing

Handwashing is our number one defense. So, how do we do that? Real simple … the FDA Food Code says five steps.