ComplianceMate is a complete patented food safety management solution focused on back-of-house (BOH) operational execution utilizing:

  • Automated humidity and temperature sensors
  • Smoke sensors
  • Milkshake tether sensors

Along with automated digital checklists that improve operational efficiency, data integrity and equipment oversight—giving you the tools necessary to pinpoint issues within your operations workflow as soon as they arise. 



We use cloud-connected temperature sensors to provide continuous real-time temperature monitoring and handheld digital checklists to aid employees in streamlining and performing safety inspections correctly and according to schedule.

Having a written, detailed plan that is available to all employees helps everyone understand their roles and responsibilities in protecting the food supply and preparation. A food safety plan should identify all the hazards that need to be properly controlled in order to prevent incidents caused by tainted food.

According to the World Health Organization, contaminated food causes illness in 600 million people worldwide every year. Preventing these incidents will keep your customers safe, reduce the likelihood of legal action against your business, and further compliance with safety regulations.

24/7 monitoring of food enables managers to detect when refrigeration units and similar storage devices experience temporary lapses in functionality, such as an overnight power outage, that can compromise food quality. Without a round-the-clock monitoring solution, these incidents can go undetected resulting in thousands of dollars of food loss or exposure to foodborne illness.

Safety monitoring involves carefully controlling every point in the lifecycle of food, including production, processing, and storage, to ensure that edibles are safe for consumption when they reach consumers. HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are generally used by the food service industry to address and eliminate risks to food safety.

Although it’s possible to monitor food supplies with old-fashioned paper checklists and manual inspections, these procedures are inadequate to the demands of the modern restaurant and foodservice industry. An automated food safety system is designed to detect various food management issues that traditional monitoring methods can easily overlook while assisting in the challenges of labor shortages and training.

A digital food safety solution is a real-time monitoring system that utilizes automated sensors, electronic logging, and immediate on- or off-site alerts to ensure that corrective actions can be taken immediately before food is spoiled.

Here’s a one-minute video that provides an overview of ComplianceMate’s various features and benefits:

ComplianceMate is the leader in foodservice monitoring and checklist technology, working to help you overcome the challenges of rising food costs and labor shortages. The technology is an easy-to-use combination of:

  • Automated HACCP workflow checklists
  • Temperature sensor monitoring
  • Real-time alerting
  • Data monitoring and reporting

All this to assist you and your staff be more efficient in day-to-day tasks and enhance awareness of how your equipment is performing.

Yes, the system is designed to be very easy to use. A user can be trained and up to speed very quickly and, in some instances, ready to go in as little as 90 seconds. All collected data can be viewed on the hierarchical dashboard to ensure that all tasks are being properly completed and coolers and other equipment are all operating within acceptable parameters.  

ComplianceMate’s Bluetooth temperature sensors  

  • For short range, local communications, as well as LoRaWAN so you can send your data over miles to a LoRaWAN gateway. The wireless temperature sensors are the most powerful transmitters available for fast-paced foodservice environments.
  • They are battery-powered, easy to install, and don’t require drilling. Add them to any walk-in coolers, freezers, or equipment in your kitchen.
  • They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you confidence that your food remains safe around the clock.

ComplianceMate uses IoT LoRaWAN gateway technology

  • For collecting and storing all of your data.
  • Matched to your wireless sensors, the receiver logs temperature data and transmits it to the cloud. This enables you to easily view temperature readings in real time and receive timely notifications and alerts as required.
  • In the event of a power outage, the wireless receiver continues to record and store temperature data and immediately transmits it when access is restored.

ComplianceMate was the first to use LoRaWAN long-range, low-power sensors for transmission of temperature tracking data. LoRaWAN signals can travel farther—even through thick, insulated equipment and buildings—while consuming much less power, extending equipment lifespan, and reducing maintenance and upkeep. LoRa sensors can also fit into smaller devices, granting you additional installation options.

No, you can use as many LoRaWAN devices as you need to meet your operational requirements.

You can choose the notification method(s) and alarm escalation process you prefer. It can be a combination of email, text, and live 24/7 call center support.

For example, whenever your LoRaWAN sensors detect unsafe storage conditions due to power loss or equipment malfunction, our live 24/7 call center will contact the specified manager or supervisor immediately, so they can take the appropriate corrective action without delay to remediate the situation and avoid a major food loss.

Three years of battery life is normal.

As many as your organization requires. Data from each location can be collected and organized in your dashboard for easy access, giving you a complete overview and allowing you to track multi-unit operations and generate reports to review and compare each site.

Yes, it is considered a self-install / plug-and-play wireless temperature monitoring system. It requires two lithium batteries and Ethernet connectivity.  

We have onboarding specialists to help with your specific installations and a complete team of Customer Service support members ready to assist at any time once the installation is complete.

Absolutely. Your sales rep and onboarding specialist will provide documentation and video training tailored to your business as needed.

Yes. There is a mobile checklist application as well as a web application for dashboard access to the sensor monitoring data and checklist completion for any web-enabled device worldwide.  

The system has two components: Temperature Sensors and Automated Checklists. You can choose one or both of the components based on your particular needs.

  • There is a one-time equipment fee depending on the size and needs of your operation.
  • For the checklist piece there is a one-time customized configuration set-up fee.
  • There is an annual subscription fee that includes ongoing 24/7 support and real-time alerting.

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