Supermarkets, convenience stores, retail stores, and other operations need reliable temperature monitoring to keep food safe, reduce food waste, and prevent food contamination. ComplianceMate is committed to providing numerous reliable solutions. Our operation management system features dynamic food temperature monitoring for all types of retail spaces.

Grocery temperature monitoring systems are necessary to ensure that all food types - from bakery and deli to produce and meats, and especially frozen foods are safe for customers to consume.

A monitoring system with temperature sensors will record temperatures and alert you when temperatures fluctuate into the danger zone. They provide proactive information to assist in potential equipment maintenance issues.



This depends on your store’s size, the type of food you sell, and how many refrigerators and freezers you have. On average it is one per unit. We can assist you with determining this - just contact us.



Our solution can cover food holding, open coolers, cold storage, and food processing areas, to name a few.
No; our monitoring solution doesn’t interfere with devices or systems; it uses wireless Bluetooth and LoRaWAN networks.
Yes; temperature alerts are triggered whenever temperatures fluctuate outside safe ranges. These alerts are sent to your devices immediately.
Yes. The Food and Drug Administration requires all stores in the food retail and food production industry to monitor the temperature of their products.

Yes! Sensors continuously monitor the temperature of foods and other products. Using sensors with temperature probes and food safety checklists will allow your store to achieve improved workflows, completion checks, ensure food safety and reduce waste.



Yes. Our retail monitoring solutions and cloud monitoring service are ideal for multiple locations within a store, as well as at individual locations across a chain - worldwide.
The ComplianceMate system continuously monitors temperatures, timestamping each recording to help you prove your HACCP compliance. Temperature probes make it easy for employees to confirm the correct temperature of frozen and fresh food. All temperature logs are sent to a central database for easy extraction and review on a customized dashboard.

ComplianceMate’s top quality solutions can be used to record refrigerator temperatures and freezer temperatures, and provide humidity monitoring, all which ensure the safe storage and consumption of food in multiple areas or locations. Visit us for more answers or schedule your free demo today.