Guest satisfaction and safety are paramount for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality industry businesses. ComplianceMate’s remote temperature monitoring system can be used in various areas to ensure safe temperatures and lower food costs across your operations.

We offer temperature probes for instant recording of food temperatures, sensors to detect refrigerator malfunction and humidity monitoring for kitchens and storage areas.

This depends on the size of your kitchen and storage areas, what kinds of food you prepare and store and the number of walk-in coolers and other holding units you have in use. We can give you an estimate based on your requirements. Contact us for an estimate!

hospitality monitoring

No. Our hospitality monitoring solution uses Bluetooth and LoRaWan technology, neither of which will use your existing wireless systems.

Food safety technology helps to reduce human error in safety checks, which in turn helps reduce foodborne illness. It also helps reduce food spoilage and food waste by alerting you when food storage temperatures enter the danger zone.

food safety technology

When temperature ranges fluctuate outside safe parameters, you can choose to receive alerts via email, text message, and phone call.
It’s crucial for hotels to implement these systems because they help to prevent food poisoning and keep food safe for guest consumption. They also help food handlers prevent cross-contamination during preparation of food items and ensure safety checklists are completed.
ComplianceMate offers continuous monitoring with IoT technology, which allows temperature data logging even during power outages, sending you alerts when temperatures reach dangerous levels.
These systems allow for automatic temperature readings and data collection at predetermined periods of time. All collected data is time-stamped, which allows hotels to maintain food service and food safety standards, as well as maintain regulatory compliance with HACCP guidelines.
Yes. ComplianceMate’s powerful temperature monitoring system can be used wherever you are storing food to ensure long-term freshness and adherence to health and safety requirements.

Absolutely! ComplianceMate offers customizable food safety checklists tailored to the specific needs of hotel kitchens. These checklists cover a wide range of food safety measures, including holding temperatures, equipment maintenance, and storage procedures. By digitizing these checklists, ComplianceMate ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

ComplianceMate monitoring solutions are ideal for elevating the guest experience. They ensure the proper temperatures of any type of food, along the cold chain and across supply chains. They can also help to streamline your business operations, making risk assessments effortless and improving your bottom line. Contact ComplianceMate to schedule a free, customized demonstration.