Safe temperature ranges are crucial for educational institutions. ComplianceMate’s school temperature monitoring system helps school systems maintain food safety and child nutrition, while allowing institutions to save money.


Remote temperature sensors installed in refrigerators and freezers send real-time alerts when temperature thresholds are breached.

school cafeteria temperature monitoring system

These systems monitor stored food item temperatures in higher education and K-12 schools.
Mentoring systems ensure safe temperatures of food inventory and efficient operation of food storage appliances.

Cafeteria temperature monitoring ensures cafeteria coolers, walk-in coolers, and freezer temperatures are within safe ranges, and it benefits the entire operation, including school health care departments.

Our school monitoring solution accurately monitors temperatures and humidity during power outages, generating instant alerts when temperatures fluctuate.

ComplianceMate temperature and humidity monitoring

Cost depends on institution size and individual requirements and whether just one component or both temperature sensors and automated checklists are selected. There’s an annual subscription and setup fee for automated checklist configuration. Request a quote here.

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Temperature sensors, real-time notifications, digital checklists, and data monitoring and reporting.

ComplianceMates monitoring service

ComplianceMate features continuous temperature recordings for all types of foods, Powerful probes transmit data wirelessly, eliminating the need to travel.

It allows long-term or short-term blackout periods to be scheduled. A single system can be used across a wide range of sites to save time and travel.

School cafeterias


CoimplianceMate helps institutions to maintain the strict safety standards and health guidelines for elementary and high schools and helps them meet public health and regulatory requirements to keep young children safe. It also helps schools maintain HACCP compliance through the automatic timestamping of logged temperatures.

Remote monitoring helps cafeteria food service staff meet food security protocols without requiring human intervention. It continuously monitors for unsafe high temperatures in fresh and frozen food and ensures cold air food storage appliances maintain safe temperatures.

Temperature monitoring


ComplianceMate solutions help schools keep their students safe, save money through energy efficiency and labor costs, monitor temperatures without human intervention, and much more. Discover more about how ComplianceMate can transform your institution at our website, or call 678-346-0380.