Restaurant operations managers and owners must ensure complete food safety while meeting the appropriate HACCP requirements. ComplianceMate’s wireless temperature sensor monitoring and checklist system is trusted by some of the largest in the restaurant industry for its ability to control all aspects of food safety management.

wireless temperature sensor


Our system uses digital software that is a combination of wireless temperature sensors offering alerts when temperatures are out of range, as well as automated workflow line checklists. They can be used as two separate components that easily integrate and can be purchased separately. They provide a dashboard view into the full data monitoring and reporting.

This type of system allows for continuous temperature monitoring in any food preparation, storage or serving areas. This can include walk-in freezers, and smokers, as well as hot and cold holding areas or areas where humidity needs to be controlled.

The system:

  • Captures, stores, and reports reliable temperature data
  • Sends real-time notifications when temperatures are out of specification
  • Provides time-stamped food temperature data from any cooler or line check equipment at any location, at any time
  • Provides a dashboard showing data from all sensors, in all locations
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Eliminates human error from your line checks and compliance checklists
  • Ensures compliance with HACCP standards and standard operating procedure (SOP)
  • Demonstrates team accountability and highlights opportunities for training

benefits of the ComplianceMate system


Our patented restaurant temperature monitoring system’s components work together to reduce operating expenses in your food service operation. Our food safety technology uses remote monitoring and data logging food probes and sensors, as well as a temperature alert system. It also includes daily checklists and a dashboard for easy data processing.

Food service monitoring


Food temperature monitoring minimizes the risk of foodborne illness. It also helps to monitor and prevent costly inventory loss by notifying management of invalid temps or equipment issues in advance of equipment failure.

Temperatures can be monitored anywhere you store food, as well as in food processing and food preparation areas. Using the checklists, you can also monitor the efficiency of your task completion, and your operational efficiency will be increased.

It’s essential to monitor temperatures throughout the chain to ensure food safety and freshness and reduce the risk of contamination that can cause foodborne illness. It aids in meeting all the HACCP requirements and offers corrective actions where needed.

HACCP guidelines require restaurant operators to set critical temperature limits. Owners should choose monitoring methods and frequencies best for reducing food safety hazards.

Requirements for HACCP


It is with ComplianceMate! From a small diner to a large corporate quick service restaurant, the system can be configured to meet your exact requirements.

The ComplianceMate system integrates seamlessly with any other system that’s already installed. We assist you every step of the way, from installation, checklist development, and reporting requirements to training and support.

CcomplianceMates temperature monitoring system


ComplianceMate sends temperature data wirelessly to the database and alerts you if temperatures exceed your critical limits.

The solution offers temperature monitoring of perishable goods and alerting if temperatures are out of range. It transmits temperatures and workflow process information wirelessly up to a 10-mile radius. It provides a full dashboard, where all temperature and workflow data can be accessed and processed from any web-enabled device.

Remote temperature monitoring eliminates human error that can cause contamination. Both raw and frozen food can be monitored for damage prevention in all areas. Alerts are generated when safe temperature ranges are breached.

ComplianceMate helps employees learn about safe food practices. All logged temperature data is time-stamped and sent to the database for easy proof of compliance.

ComplianceMate’s restaurant management platform helps establishments achieve complete end-to-end FSQA that minimizes the risk of illness and non-compliance, and which reduces inventory loss. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free, customized demo at 678-346-0380.