The right automated task management checklist and temperature monitoring solutions will help your restaurant reach and achieve HACCP safety protocols, increase staff productivity and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Getting the right tools in your employee’s hands will empower them to execute tasks faster with the appropriate corrective actions available at their fingertips. Paired with the automated temperature sensors in all the appropriate units will provide a full view of your operations. 

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Restaurant Solutions

Why Restaurants Trust ComplianceMate’s Operations Management Platform

We are the choice of a growing number of full-service and quick serve restaurants because we offer multiple solutions in one completely customizable system. ComplianceMate assists restaurants in meeting and maintaining HACCP compliance while drastically reducing the risk of foodborne illness. Our software provides operators easy to use automated workflow checklists and LoRaWAN temperature sensors so they can monitor and enhance their BOH procedures and operations.

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How Our Remote Temperature Monitoring System Improves Food Service Operations

Manual data recording and pencil whipping can often result in inventory loss and even foodborne illness. Establishments that implement ComplianceMate’s suite of solutions enjoy fully documented processes, power data to make data-driven decisions resulting in increased revenue, complete compliance and operational efficiency.

Digital Checklists for Employees

ComplianceMate’s automated task and workflow checklists offer several benefits to the restaurant industry, including:

  • Daily checklists are easy for employees to complete
  • Data is instantly available for review
  • Notifications are generated if work is incomplete
  • Automation drastically reduces human error
  • Create accountability and adherence to guidelines for food safety
  • HACCP compliance is much easier to achieve
  • Audit documentation is ready as needed
Reliable IoT Technology

Reliable IoT Technology

ComplianceMate’s wireless temperature sensors provide you with:

  • Continuous temperature data from walk-in coolers to smokers and many other food storage appliances.
  • Sensors are able to transmit storage unit temperatures through stainless steel and concrete to achieve ongoing updates. 
  • Real-time equipment alerts are sent instantly to a phone or computer, allowing you to take the necessary corrective action
  • Data can be transmitted up to a 10-mile radius for complete chain monitoring, including when food products are enroute

Real-Time, Automated Monitoring and Reporting

ComplianceMate’s remote monitoring solution prevents food poisoning at the source with reliability sensors that ensure food remains at proper temperatures and is processed properly.

  • Automated temperature logging help optimize your food safety management program
  • Employees are more aware of requirements and associated corrective actions
  • Helps to educate employees about potentially hazards and best practices
  • Brand standards are protected and reinforced through automated processes
  • Custom dashboard and reports provide information for data driven decisions
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Our comprehensive system enables us to provide our customers with a rapid return on investment, enhanced food safety profiles, increased efficiencies, efficient execution of corporate standards, agile technology, and low total cost of ownership.  

Use of the ComplinanceMate system significantly reduces the amount of time used to complete temperature and other HACCP and operating checklist activities resulting in real labor savings (more and more important as labor costs increase).  

ComplianceMate users also benefit from decreased food waste losses as a direct result of the proactive alerting used in the system.  
Both labor saving and decreased food losses result in a strong business case and rapid return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ComplianceMate temp sensors have been critical in providing real time feedback on the performance of our store's refrigeration systems and in assisting us with the diagnoses of problems as they occur.

- Thomas Y, Facilities Manager


ComplianceMate allows us to strengthen our food safety monitoring. We can dig into the details of a unit's temperature, and be proactive in resolving the potential problem.
It is easy to navigate the dashboard and understand the available reporting. The software is very user friendly.

- Trey W., Director FS&QA


The product is easy to use and easy to install. Very customer oriented. Very responsive and willing to go the distance for me.

- Samuel T., Dir. Of Systems, Food & Beverages


Provides continuous oversight on food temps. Our meats are smoked overnight and temp control is vital for our business.

- Markus L., Corporate Systems Specialist


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Experience all the benefits of ComplianceMate by requesting your free demo now, or contact us for more information today.