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Man calculating expenses on a tablet and holding a receipt

Food safety practices boost profits in the age of the coronavirus

For restaurant owners and executives, the COVID-19 pandemic has heaved operations into an existential crisis.

Since the coronavirus started leading to lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders across the United States, restaurant revenues have plummeted, and brands are struggling to figure out to survive the collapse in demand.

In the post-coronavirus world, margins matter. And here, there’s good…

Food safety data is critical for restaurants to survive the coronavirus

It’s not easy to run a foodservice operation even in ordinary times.

Now try it in the midst of a pandemic that has forced the closure of in-store dining across the nation, thanks to lockdown and shelter-in-place orders designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The result has been massive revenue and job losses and store closures. The industry is likely to lose hundreds of billions of…

food safety minute

Food Safety Minute | Hand Washing

Handwashing is our number one defense. So, how do we do that? Real simple … the FDA Food Code says five steps.

Man holding a magnifying glass over a piece of broccoli to check if it is safe

5 surprising issues that can cause food safety fails.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans will get sick from a foodborne illness this year; if foodborne illnesses fell by just 10%, it would save five million Americans from getting sick.

female resturant worker using a tablet

How food safety technology can make labor management easier

Traditionally, employees have been the weakest links in food safety at most restaurants. Even well-intentioned workers make mistakes, and food service is an industry where isolated incidents can quickly mushroom into nationwide or global PR disasters. A food safety incident in Boise means diners everywhere will stop visiting; as a result, errors, failures, or malfeasance by even entry-level,…

demonstration of LoRaWAN a powerful alternative to Bluetooth and WiFi

What is LoRaWAN: Meeting food safety’s new technological marvel.

If you’ve never heard of LoRa, you’re not alone. Although it’s the hottest new communication technology on the market today, presenting a powerful alternative to old-timers like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s also relatively brand new.