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IoT Temperature Monitoring in Food Service Is Just the Beginning – ComplianceMate

In this episode of the Telaid Tech Connect podcast, host Beth Bergmann interviews Thom Schmitt, VP of Sales at ComplianceMate, a SaaS solution cloud technology company specializing in food safety monitoring. Thom discusses the evolution of food safety technology, how IoT can increase operational efficiency and reduce shrink, and the importance of environmental and sustainability goals in the food…

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Enhancing Food Safety in Educational Systems – ComplianceMate

Without proper measures in place, grade schools as well as college and university campus cafeterias can become vulnerable to the viruses and bacteria that cause foodborne illness.

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Food Safety in School: A Guide for Administrators – ComplianceMate

As a school administrator, foodservice manager, district official, or another school leader, you are responsible for overseeing your institution’s foodservice and safety protocols. Our comprehensive guide will help you improve child nutrition programs, keep food safe, and enhance your food safety awareness.

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Making the Grade: How Combining Software and Technology Improves Food Safety – ComplianceMate

Whether it’s an on-campus restaurant, prep area or cafeteria, the importance of food safety compliance in schools cannot be understated. Manual temperature checks can leave food vulnerable to spoilage, risking foodborne illness. Thankfully, many food and nutrition services are using software and technology for food safety and regulatory compliance.

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Data’s Role in Improving Business Operations and Customer Experience in Foodservice – ComplianceMate

Many foodservice businesses have realized the importance of using technology to collect and evaluate the detailed information about the effectiveness of their Food Safety Management System (FSMS). Additionally, they are gaining more insight into what customers think about their products. Let’s take a deeper dive into the important role that data has in improving your operations.

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Four Questions to Ask Before Buying Back-of-House Software

Technology can revolutionize your back-of-house, allowing for accurate temperature monitoring, employee accountability, and food safety.What are the essential questions that you should ask before purchasing back-of-house software for your food and hospitality business?

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