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Food safety equipment: the surprise hardware issues restaurants forget

Facilities and equipment management is a critical but often overlooked aspect of running a restaurant. According to FSR Magazine, restaurant chains that lack clear processes and technology for managing issues like repairs spend as much as 50% more on facilities costs than the industry average. So, when choosing the equipment that’s critical to your food safety operations, make sure you think…

Any factors affecting your restaurant inspection scores should be ingredients of your checklists

It’s all in the number or the letter. Any restaurant health inspection will result in a final score. Sometimes it’s a number, like here in Georgia. Other times, it’s a letter grade.

Commercial kitchen technology is not as expensive you think it is

We run into this issue all the time: the perception that restaurant technology is really expensive.

Are your Bluetooth temperature probes actually as accurate as you need them to be?

Restaurant kitchens worldwide make frequent use of thermometers and temperature probes to ensure that foods stay at the appropriate temperatures and avoid staying in the danger zone (about 41°F to 135°F), which is the range of temperatures at which potentially dangerous bacteria can proliferate with relative ease.

Why just monitoring your cold holding units is not enough

We know a thing or two about monitoring the temperature of cold holding units, and here’s a key lesson we’ve learned: don’t take anything at face value.

What's the true cost of ownership when automating your brand checklist?

Calculating the true cost of ownership of a digitized checklist system is tricky. Obviously, it includes the cost of the equipment, but it also includes many costs that restauranteurs may not realize or consider.