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Ways You Can Enhance Food Safety in Your Food or Resturant Business

Food safety should be a top priority when it comes to any restaurant or food service business. Something as simple as a hair in someone’s salad can be enough to turn a customer away for life. Beyond that, improper safety measures can cause your patrons to become dangerously ill!

Thankfully, thanks to advancements in technology and new innovations, there are many ways that you can increase and enhance food safety regulations for restaurants.

By implementing some of these food safety innovations, you can take comfort in knowing your business is compliant, and the risk of someone getting sick will be significantly lower.

Food Safety for the Chef

Know Your Ingredients and How They’re Stored

Safe food starts with the ingredients you’re using. Knowing where they come from, how they were created, and how they’ve been stored until they’ve reached your restaurant is vital. You may have a food safety violation that isn’t even your own fault because you’re using a supplier who isn’t compliant.

It pays to do your research when it comes to food suppliers and distributors. If they aren’t safely storing or transporting the ingredients you’ll end up using, it’s time to go with another supplier. Don’t get in trouble for something that you didn’t do.

Have a Restaurant Food Safety Checklist

Food safety checklists are nothing new in the restaurant business, but the pen and paper checklists you’ve been using for years need to be updated. Thankfully, advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to have multiple safety checklists on one platform that everyone in your business can use.

Checklists have gone digital, which makes them much easier to use and helps to eliminate the risk of human error. The best part? You can implement checklists in just about every area of your restaurant, including everything from temperature logs to cleaning schedules. Wireless temperature monitoring makes it easier than ever to make sure your food is stored safely.

Technology has come so far with solutions like these, that you can even be instantly alerted when something within your restaurant isn’t compliant or could be a risk to one of your customers. Contact ComplianceMate to see how we can help. 

Supply Chain Innovation

Another way technology is improving food service safety is through innovations in supply chains. It’s important for restaurants to work with everyone in the industry, including suppliers and retailers.

Technology has made it easier than ever to communicate with others in the food service industry, so everyone can work toward a common goal, reducing illnesses and contamination. These advancements have also made it easier to do things like:

  • Reduce negative environmental impacts
  • Improve public food safety and food safety knowledge
  • Increase food delivery speed from supplier to business

It takes a blend of technology and research to make sure your food service business is always on the cutting edge of food safety. Technological advancements will continue to be made all the time, and it’s up to everyone in the foodservice industry to hop on board with ideas and solutions that can make food safety stronger than ever.

We may never be able to completely get rid of food-borne illnesses, but, by utilizing different ways to enhance food safety in restaurants, we can certainly help to significantly lower the risk and keep customers healthy and happy.