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Food Safety Technological Innovations

Food safety is a top priority in the restaurant business. Procedures and safety standards are always changing and being updated to ensure the health and well-being of foodservice patrons. Unfortunately, the tools and resources of the past aren’t always perfect. 48 million people still get sick from foodborne illnesses each year.1

 The pen and paper checklists of the past allow for too much human error. When your business still relies on these old systems, you’re putting your patrons at risk. Thankfully, there are new food safety innovations that can revolutionize the way your restaurant remains compliant.

Food Safety

Pest Control in Restaurants

No one wants to think about insects or other pests while eating in a restaurant. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon problem. The days of chasing around a stray fly or setting mouse traps are done! Now, there are digital monitors that can be placed in any food service facility.

These monitors help to detect different types of pests. They then do the “dirty work” for you, by either capturing or killing the problem pest. The devices are also quick to alert you of any detections or problems.

Devices like this are becoming more popular in the restaurant industry. Even one fly can cause illness if it lands on someone’s dish, so this isn’t a problem to take lightly. Now that there’s a way to effectively get rid of those pests, it’s a good idea to integrate it into your business.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

One of the biggest causes of foodborne illnesses is improper temperature control and monitoring. Chefs, sous chefs, and line cooks can all do their best to implement the safety standards put in place to monitor the temperature of food—but, again, human error is too much of a risk.

Thankfully, restaurant temperature monitoring is easier than ever, thanks to advancements in technology. Fully automated systems allow you to eliminate the guessing game when it comes to temperature monitoring.

These systems use wireless sensors to gather temperature readings in places like the refrigerator, the pantry, prep areas, and more. If something isn’t at the right temperature, you’ll be alerted through the system immediately.

Centralized Data and Restaurant Food Safety Checklists

The same automated systems that can monitor the temperature within your business can also serve as a centralized platform for multiple checklists. Because the technology for these systems is so advanced, you can create customized checklists that fit the needs and desires of your specific restaurant.

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Some checklist possibilities include:

  • Opening/closing procedures
  • Warming/cooling logs
  • Cleaning checklists
  • Training checklists

When you use a system that keeps these lists in one place, you can make sure every employee in your business knows how to use it. Then everyone will be on the same page and know what standards need to be met on a daily basis to keep things compliant.

Technology and the Future of Food Safety

As technology continues to change and grow, there is no doubt that restaurant safety will also continue to become more advanced—but only if businesses are willing to drop the “old” ways of doing things and adopt new technological techniques.

With these ever-changing innovations, the food service industry helps to drastically cut down on the number of foodborne illnesses each year.