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How Digital Food Safety Technologies Improve Consumer Experience

Modern food safety tools do more than just protect the well-being of your guests; they can even improve the customer’s experience of dining in your restaurant.

Restaurants are certainly embracing technology to enhance the guest experience. TechCrunch reports that nearly $1 billion in venture capital funds have gone into technologies designed to enhance restaurant operations and guest experiences. Surprisingly, even humble temperature monitoring and digital food safety checklists can help with these goals.

They improve how kitchens and kitchen staff prepare the food.

Everything about the guest experience starts in the kitchen, and it is a well-run kitchen operation that pleases guests enough to return again and again. If guests do return, they will be seeking the same quality of experience they had before. That means consistency in the kitchen is key. This is where digital checklists fit in: they ensure that kitchen staff follow the same steps every night, with every dish.

Digital checklists also help to bolster the staff’s skill level. Tablet based checklists aren’t like the pen and paper versions; they can guide users through the process, even providing instructions and prompting corrective actions when appropriate. This helps with onboarding and training. Then, because these tools create automatic and detailed logs, problems can often be tracked back to specific employees, identifying opportunities for further training.

They improve how guests experience the food.

Because digital checklists can incorporate so many more items than a pen and paper system, and still be easier and faster to complete, restaurants can incorporate more quality and brand checks. For example, when one of our clients (a chain with 300+ stores nationwide) switched to our digitized checklist system, they doubled the number of checklist items and still shortened a 75 to 90-minute daily process into just 45 minutes a day. In doing so, they added more brand-specific and quality assurance items. That gives the restaurant an opportunity to ensure they deliver a pleasing plate to the customer every time.

They make it more likely that customers will return.

Similarly, the use of photos in a digital checklist system can improve presentation. A digital checklist that incorporates photos and imagery can give workers visual guidelines that pen-and-paper checklists could not, and then staff can even capture their own photos so that brand managers can later review.

The ComplianceMate system addresses a critical need for proactive food safety initiatives at growing restaurant chains. Through a combination of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools built for the modern kitchen, ComplianceMate gives you total control over food safety and compliance at your stores. For more information, contact ComplianceMate.