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The Showdown: Manual vs. Automated Temperature Monitoring

When it comes to restaurant food safety, automated temperature monitoring solves many of the problems associated with manual inspections—inefficiency, inaccuracy, spotty reporting, and lack of real-time data. Here’s what you get when you compare old-fashioned manual reporting with state-of-the-art automated systems.

Health inspector holding a clipboard in a kitchen

Ask Us: What do food safety scores mean?

Interest in food safety has been on the rise, particularly in the wake of widely reported foodborne illness outbreaks. “Ask Us” is a monthly feature in which we answer questions and offer perspectives relevant to consumers and diners interested in food safety issues.

Chef filling out a checklist on a clipboard

Is it possible to eliminate pencil whipping (fake data) in restaurant food safety practices?

It was a Friday morning, and the owner of a franchise operation with 12 restaurants told his staff that he was leaving for the weekend. Then – surprise! – he made an unannounced late afternoon visit.

Chef opening a freezer in a resturants kitchen

4 ways automated temperature monitoring prevents restaurant food safety problems

Five Guys – a Virginia-based restaurant chain famous for its fantastic handcrafted burgers and fries – takes food safety seriously. In an RFID Journal interview last year, Five Guys’ VP of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Jim Gibson, describes how the chain decided to get ahead of the curve on temperature safety. He outlines a comprehensive program that includes third-party audits, automated…

Man in dress shirt analyzing data on a laptop

Unforeseen Meaningful Impacts of Digitizing Food Safety Checklists

Imagine you’re one of the quality assurance personnel at your restaurant chain or food service establishment, and in response to a complaint or safety inspection violation, you need to look up the checklists within a certain date range for that store.

Businessman checking food safety using a tablet in front of four chefs

How Digitizing Checklists Makes Compliance with the FSMA Easy

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is “the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in more than 70 years.” The law shifts the focus from responding to food and kitchen contamination to preventing it.