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How Foodborne Illnesses Poison Restaurant's Business

Leading into 2014, Chipotle was on the rise, with performance rivaling fast casual giant McDonald’s. Then came the E. Coli crisis, in whose aftermath Chipotle’s sales cratered. Net sales fell by 95% in 2016. MarketWatch reports that “Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.’s food safety crisis cost the company three full years of earnings growth, according to J.P. Morgan analysts.”

How Food Safety Technology Can Help Workers Be Successful

Labor management is one of the restaurant industry’s biggest headaches. U.S. unemployment is at a 16-year low, according to The New York Times, yet the National Restaurant Association expects restaurant sales to hit $799 billion in 2017 – the eighth consecutive year of growth in restaurant sales. That combination – low unemployment, high sales – makes it more difficult than ever for restaurants…

5 Ways Your Restaurant Checklists are Underserving You

Restaurant checklists sometimes get a bad rap. They’re regarded as tedious interruptions to the rest of the staff’s normal workflow; but the truth is, they’re powerful tools for running a successful restaurant. They guide employees – regardless of experience or training – through otherwise complex tasks in a consistent, reliable manner that can be tracked by managers and owners. That said, it’s…

The Food Safety Lifecycle – How Restaurants Keep Food Safe to Eat at Every Step

Five surprising problems that can cause temperature monitoring fails all listed in this blog post. How many of these problems is your business facing with? Read more.

How Customers Can Read Food Safety Inspection Reports

Interest in food safety has been on the rise, particularly in the wake of widely reported foodborne illness outbreaks. “Ask Us” is a monthly feature in which we answer questions and offer perspectives relevant to consumers and diners interested in food safety issues.

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi Wireless Temperature Sensors

Modern temperature sensors are a thing of wonder. They make it so easy for restaurant workers, managers and owners to stay on top of food temperatures to ensure safe food production, all from wherever they are. In fact, with automated alerts, no human action may be needed at all. But choosing which wireless sensors can be a confusing, confounding process. Should you opt for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi…