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Bluetooth versus Wi-Fi wireless temperature sensors.

Modern temperature sensors are a thing of wonder. They make it so easy for restaurant workers, managers and owners to stay on top of food temperatures to ensure safe food production, all from wherever they are. In fact, with automated alerts, no human action may be needed at all. But choosing which wireless sensors can be a confusing, confounding process. Should you opt for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi…

Ask Us: A food safety tour of a restaurant.

Interest in food safety has been on the rise, particularly in the wake of widely reported foodborne illness outbreaks. “Ask Us” is a monthly feature in which we answer questions and offer perspectives relevant to consumers and diners interested in food safety issues.

Help employees work smarter in their tasks and increase your restaurant's average earnings

We frequently discuss the time-saving benefits of restaurant checklist and temperature monitoring technology, but how does that benefit translate into business value?

Slicing-and-dicing data in the kitchen: restaurant food safety analytics 101

For many restaraunts, food safety is about nothing more than procedure. You monitor temperatures and complete checklists so that you pass your next audit. End of story. These places can only dream of procuring enough data to make predictive decisions about equipment maintenance, operations and more that enable them to save costs and stave off problems.

Do you give your restaurant employees the tools that will keep them engaged and working efficiently?

Recruitment and retention is the restaurant industry’s perennial problem, with more than half of respondents to a 2017 Nation’s Restaurant News Operators Survey identifying “recruiting and retaining workers” as their biggest challenge heading into 2017.

Commercial kitchen and food safety technology should be easy as pie

If you’re like most restauranteurs, you probably like the idea of technology in your kitchen, but worry about the complications it could potentially create.