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How Technology-Driven Behavior Improves Food Safety Compliance

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents to restaurant industry analysts at Alchemy Systems say that not all of their employees adhere to their food safety programs, according to results from their 2016 Global Food Safety Training Survey.

Their research cites several reasons for “limited behavior change,” including too much complexity and failure to effectively engage younger workers.

That’s bad news for restaurants and commercial kitchens who don’t know how to fix such problems. Frontline staff are key to meeting and improving food safety and compliance.

If you’re concerned about these issues, this is the paper for you: food safety technology can help, and we’ll explore four specific ways in which tech can drive the behavioral change you need in your workforce.

But buyer beware: just as putting an app on a tablet doesn’t automatically change behaviors, technology per se is not a magic wand. Its implementation and use, and all of the efficiencies created by using the system, must come together to have a meaningful impact. So, when you’re looking for technology that drives real results, always ask, “How will that technology or system improve my business?”

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