State of the Art LoRaWAN Temperature/Humidity Sensors Launched

The new temperature sensors, developed in concert with Laird, surmount environmental challenges that stymie Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices in commercial kitchens, such as transmitting through stainless steel, insulated cold-holding units, and concrete structures. Utilizing wireless IoT technology from Laird, the new sensor is a powerful 915/868 MHz radio enabling industrial grade long range communications. The sensor is based on the LoRaWAN specification and is the most effective, reliable, and user friendly device to meet the many obstacles encountered in a commercial facility. Among several cutting-edge features, the sensor offers extended lifespan using standard lithium ion batteries. The sensors are also more reliable than current Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensor technologies.



ComplianceMate has long led efforts to streamline and improve HACCP compliance checklists and cooler monitoring in the food service industry by using innovative equipment and proprietary management software. The ComplianceMate System, currently installed in thousands of food service locations in the US, Canada, and Europe, enhances food service operations by providing alerts, HACCP reports, and analysis to management at every level in an organization.

“We are committed to remaining the technological leader in the food safety industry,” says Steve Getraer, President of CM Systems. “This new LoRaWAN sensor developed with Laird continues our efforts to enhance our solutions, enabling our customers to improve their food safety profile results for greater peace of mind, while improving ROI and operational effectiveness.”

Laird is a global technology company that enables mission-critical mobile connectivity through wireless applications, antenna systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat:

The new LoRaWAN sensor is immediately available in all ComplianceMate product lines.