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ComplianceMate Launches New Food Safety Products for Small Restaurants

CM Systems LLC is delighted to announce that the industry-leading ComplianceMate food safety temperature monitoring and HACCP compliant checklist system will address the unique needs of small food service organizations. Four new product lines will bring enterprise-class food safety to small restaurants and commercial kitchen operations, starting today.

“The owners of smaller operations can face more risk than enterprise businesses because of how much they’ve personally invested into their store,” says Steve Getraer, President of CM Systems. Standalone restaurants and small operations often lack the resources of a large organization and can struggle to absorb the costs of a food safety violation and PR crisis. “An incident that is a setback for a large organization could put a small restaurant out of business entirely. Prevention is paramount,” says Getraer.

For that reason, CM Systems is debuting the following new product lines, making the same enterprise-grade technology and products as ComplianceMate Enterprise available at budget-friendly, economy-of-scale pricing:

  • ComplianceMate Lite includes a tablet, case, and wireless Bluetooth probe (a “Lite Junior” option offers just the probe which can work with the ComplianceMate app on the user’s own smart device);
  • ComplianceMate Plus offers two automated temperature sensors for cold-holding units and a gateway for cloud functionality; and
  • ComplianceMate Pro includes all of the above.

In addition, all product lines enable users to view all data from any web-enabled device, and the systems will help protect against fraudulent entries and prompt users with recommended corrective actions in real-time. The Lite and Pro lines also enable restaurants to complete HACCP and brand-specific customizable checklists with 7-day inspector reports available on demand for in-depth insight into operations. Digital temperature logs and checklists can be completed faster than ever, helping to reduce labor and operational costs. For a full breakdown of features and equipment, see the chart below.

The new product lines are launching on August 9th, 2017.

Customers who purchase within the first three days of launch will receive $50 off any ComplianceMate package. Your checklist set up for you by our staff. Additionally receive a free, personalized customer consultation with our technology experts, bonuses worth $700.

These new product lines join the bestselling ComplianceMate Enterprise, already working at thousands of restaurant locations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Visit to learn more about the brand new ComplianceMate Lite, Plus and Pro products.

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