CM Systems, LLC Announces a Third Patent Award for Their Food Safety Management System

CM Systems, LLC (ComplianceMate™), a world leader in Food Safety Technology and Automation, announced the issuance of US Patent 11449810.

This is the third in a family of patents covering ComplianceMate's system that accommodates a comprehensive Digital Food Safety Management System, including the digital checklist of tasks to be performed in a foodservice establishment utilizing automated temperature sensors and automated checklists using Bluetooth probe technology.

"Our goal is to further our industry leadership position and our expanding patent portfolio. We are continually pushing the development of innovative technology, enhancing our position in the foodservice industry. The new patent issuance continues to expand the breadth and depth of our intellectual property portfolio of IoT wireless communication and compliance to health and safety standards," said Steve Getraer, President of ComplianceMate.

20150204Compliance Mate

ComplianceMate is an international SaaS company headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA currently supporting customers in 30 countries. This new patent follows the international recognition of the ComplianceMate system, including past selection as a German Innovation Award recipient from the German Design Council, as a Kitchen Innovations® Award recipient from the US-based National Restaurant Association, and as a winner in the Internet of Things/Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup® in the retail category.

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About ComplianceMate

ComplianceMate™ provides a monitoring software system for food safety compliance and operational effectiveness, offering streamlined HACCP compliance checklists and cooler monitoring for thousands of foodservice and restaurant locations. With wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools, ComplianceMate gives users total control over food safety and compliance. For details, visit