How Technology Is Revolutionizing Food Safety

You might not think technology and food safety go hand in hand—but think again. For decades, restaurants have used unreliable clipboard checklists to ensure important steps are taken to address health and hygiene.

Inspections are conducted from time to time, but manual checks are unreliable. People misread reports or information is misreported. Sometimes inspections are skipped altogether.

Food Safety Innovations

Automation systems not only remind food service establishments when inspections are due but also record and report safety factors such as temperature. Wireless sensors have revolutionized how readings are taken and transmitted, and how, when, and where employees can view data and checklists.

Technology has simplified alerting, such as when temperatures stray outside a pre-set range and concerning regulatory compliance.

How This Enhances Food Safety

By monitoring food temperature automatically, human error is taken out of the equation. There are no gaps in monitoring, and data from multiple locations can be managed anywhere, anytime. The process is also easier, so employees are more likely to stick with food safety protocols.

How It Strengthens Employees

Employees have traditionally been the weakest link when it comes to food safety. Technology reduces inspection time, so restaurants can focus on their business. It also makes employees’ work more effective and improves customer service.

Measurable results are instantly available. Using many data points, restaurants can track their performance and safety in real time and take corrective actions immediately. This infographic provides more detailed insights into how technology is revolutionizing food safety, and how your business and employees can benefit.

Infographic - How Technology is Revolutionizing Food Safety