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Protect Your Food, Your Guests, and Your Brand

Automated temperature monitoring produces accurate data and eliminates human error. Not only will you demonstrate compliance – you’ll know when temperatures are out of range, so you can correct the problem immediately. The result? Safer food, enhanced brand protection, and the peace of mind that no temperature mishap will ever bring down your business.

Kitchen Staff

24/7/365 Temperature Monitoring With Real-Time Alerts

Wireless sensors live inside your freezers, refrigerators, or any location in your kitchen. Just place the sensors where you need them and gain access to accurate temperature data, 24/7/365. Real-time notifications alert you when temperatures are too high or too low, enabling quick correction to avoid perishable product loss.

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Remote Data Management and Reporting
  • View temperature data from any device
  • Demonstrate and improve compliance
  • Eliminate manual processes, improve efficiency, and empower staff
HACCP Compliance and Checklists

HACCP Compliance and Checklists

Now your staff can complete operational checklists faster and with greater accuracy than ever. Using the ComplianceMate app, staff log data for literally any HACCP or brand-specific compliance benchmark. Need visual documentation? ComplianceMate lets staff add photos and videos. A wireless hand probe interfaces with the app, making it easy to log accurate food temperatures. View checklist activity in real-time, no matter where you are.

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Tough Equipment for Tough Restaurant Environments

By pairing the industry’s most powerful wireless radio sensors with mobile technology built just for restaurants, our temperature monitoring system can withstand the harshest conditions of any kitchen. And with dedicated tablets and wireless temperature probes, ComplianceMate delivers everything you need to be proactive about temperature monitoring.

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Thermapen Blue
  • Wireless 900/868 MHz (125mw) radio sensors
  • Handheld temperature probe
  • Tablet with ComplianceMate app

Future-Proof Technology

ComplianceMate is the first, and only, eHACCP company utilizing LoRa long-range, low-power sensors for transmission of temperature data. LoRa signals can readily 2 penetrate the stainless steel, heavy insulation, and concrete of a commercial kitchen while using so much less power, its off-the-shelf batteries can last up to years before needing to be replaced. CM Systems is investing in technology built to evolve into the future.

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