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Hattie B's Hot Chicken Food Safety Data

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When a health inspector visited Hattie B’s Hot Chicken following a report of foodborne illness, the Nashville-based restaurant was ready.

With ComplianceMate’s wireless sensors and smart digital checklists in place, they efficiently demonstrated rigorous adherence to food safety protocols. The sensors continuously monitor temperatures in cold-holding units, logging data in real-time, while the staff completes HACCP and brand compliance checklists.

This system allowed Hattie B’s to provide verifiable records that confirmed their proper handling of food temperatures and safety practices, promptly exonerating them as a source of the illness. This not only protected their reputation but also showcased the effectiveness of ComplianceMate in ensuring operational compliance and transparency, proving essential for fast-growing restaurant chains facing scrutiny.

This case study highlights how advanced monitoring technology can safeguard against potential health risks and reinforce consumer trust.

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Hattie Bs Hot Chicken case study


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