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Food Safety Minute: Food Safety Principles

While COVID-19 is dominating the headlines, longstanding food safety principles and practices remain of the utmost importance.









The FDA's five main factors are still very much in play.Food Safety Minute-1

  1. Practicing effective personal hygiene - #1 most important defense

  2. Cooking food to safe internal temperatures

  3. Following temperature standards through the flow of food - from receiving to service

  4. Purchasing food from approved, reputable suppliers

  5. Ensuring that equipment is cleaned and sanitized properly at time of use.

Add to that other practices to meet reasonable efforts and expectations as defined by the law:

Expectations Defined by the Law

  1. Effective COVID-19 best prevention practices

  2. Temperature monitoring through the entire flow of food including delivery. This is known as the "Last Mile Monitoring"

  3. Not sacrificing food safety due to budget uncertainty but making it a priority and pivoting it to a sales opportunity.

  4. Avoiding   "I didn't know what I didn't know"

How can we be sure our team is following best practices?

ComplianceMate has provided customers with numerous ways to stay in compliance for more than a decade with leading global brands.

Let us show you how we can protect guests, staff and your business! It's now more important than ever.

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