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ComplianceMate at the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show

The 2022 National Restaurant Association Show brought food service industry leaders and business owners back together after a three-year break. Over 1,300 exhibitors offered insight into the advances in over 900 product categories

ComplianceMate was a featured NRA exhibitor, showcasing the advantages of having a food safety monitoring system that helps tackle the challenges of:

Food Safety Data
  • HACCP Compliance
  • Labor Shortage
  • Equipment Failure
  • Brand Standards

The event gave everyone in the industry the chance to connect with peers and network with other industry professionals facing the same challenges. Here’s a recap of the highlights, including what ComplianceMate brought to the table.

The team met and presented the latest in ComplianceMate’s The ComplianceMate Showcase at the National Restaurant Association Show brought forward the latest in software and IoT technology that helps restaurant owners and international food service franchises to decrease labor costs, simplify onboarding and training programs, and reduce exposure to food safety risks.

Compliancemate operational efficiency food safety

Highlights of the National Restaurant Association Show

The year’s event covered over  900 categories, including food, beverages, tableware, sanitation, equipment, and technology and provided a first-hand look at the newest innovative technology and provided an in-depth perspective on the changing face of the industry.

Discussing Innovative Trends

A very valuable aspect was the featured speakers included Alexis Ohanian, Seven Seven Six founder and Reddit co-founder discussing how to embrace the industry disruptions and create positive transformations in the industry. . Specific disruptors discussed included crypto currency, social and cultural shifts, and Web 3.0.

ComplianceMate Showcase at the 2022 NRA Show

ComplianceMate is the global leader in providing cloud-based food safety systems that streamline compliance and operational processes for businesses, leveraging:

  • Operational checklists that address HACCP Critical Control Points (CCP)
  • Remote sensor monitoring systems that transmit IoT data to the cloud automatically
  • Data monitoring and reporting to any authorized web-enabled device in real time
  • Immediate alerts and notifications to supervisors, management, or corporate HQ when food temperatures are outside preset ranges or when required checklists are not completed on time

Award-Winning Control Systems for Food Safety

operational compliance and food safety

This innovative system of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technology, and intuitive tools gives restaurants complete control of operational compliance and food safety. We are proud to have won the IoT Innovator of the Year at the IoT/WT Innovation World Cup, and to receive the NRA’s Kitchen Innovation Award.

ComplianceMate provides innovative solutions and 24/7 support to customers in more than 25 countries worldwide. With real-time alerts sent not only to management but also to our in-house call center, immediate actions can be taken to protect the health and safety of your guests and your business itself.

You can explore the benefits of using ComplianceMate and discuss the right combination of showcase technologies for your restaurant or foodservice business with a free demonstration and consultation about your unique food safety and compliance requirements. Contact us today to explore innovation and automatic operational processes that can save your business money.