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ComplianceMate names food safety expert and award-winning celebrity chef Thomas Woodbury VP of National Accounts

CM Systems, LLC, known for its industry-leading ComplianceMate temperature-tracking and food safety technology, is delighted to announce the hiring of Thomas Woodbury as Vice President of National Accounts.  Mr. Woodbury is an experienced food safety advocate who is also a classically-trained chef, award-winning media personality and published author.

“He brings to ComplianceMate a world-class, second-to-none understanding of how food prep, food safety, and food technology intersect in commercial kitchens,” says Steve Getraer, President of CM Systems, LLC.  “His years of experience in commercial kitchens will be instrumental in serving our customers’ needs.”

Mr. Woodbury’s experience and background combine a profound love of food with in-depth expertise in food science and technology. “Understanding the way food performs at a chemical, biological, and molecular level has always been a passion,” Mr. Woodbury explains. He has worked in multiple food safety roles over the course of more than a decade, including working with temperature monitoring and other food safety applications.  As a celebrity chef and presenter who has appeared nationally via ShopNBC, ABC, Huffington Post Live, and more, he has demonstrated and presented a wide array of food prep and safety products and technologies that simultaneously improve consumer safety and produce delectable, mouth-watering dishes.

His experience and expertise will serve as key ingredients in ComplianceMate’s work in advancing its’  leading-edge food safety and temperature monitoring technology aimed at commercial kitchens and food service organizations.

“Joining ComplianceMate was an easy decision,” says Mr. Woodbury. “We share the same two goals. First, we work to improve the compliance of the food safety programs of our clients and customers. Second, we increase efficiency in the way that food safety is executed, while ensuring every dish is served perfectly.”

Together, ComplianceMate and Mr. Woodbury are cooking up several forward-looking initiatives that include making it easier than ever for restaurants and commercial kitchens to automate and digitize their safety and compliance operations, yielding better compliance at a lower net cost than is possible otherwise.

“With Tom on our team,” says Mr. Getraer, “we can enhance our ability to offer solutions that yield better results, safer food, enhanced brand protection, and the peace of mind that no compliance mishap will ever bring down your business.”

Mr. Woodbury is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

About CM Systems, LLC

CM Systems, LLC provides monitoring systems for food safety compliance and operational effectiveness in various industry segments. Their principal product offering, ComplianceMate, offers real time monitoring, both of equipment and Standard Operating Processes within a restaurant operation including temperature monitoring (using wireless sensors), HACCP control, real time reporting/list completion and remote management. Customer’s staff can efficiently work through the variety of procedures they conduct on a daily basis, gathering all the required data in a digital, time stamped format.  This data is transmitted via “the cloud” whereby it can be reviewed in real time using a web enabled device. The system incorporates a variety of alerting options so staff can complete within the time required. With the advent of cloud technology, ComplianceMate leads in moving paper check list to the electronic format, and bringing food safety monitoring into the 21th century.

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