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The business side of temperature monitoring in restaurants.

Temperature monitoring and digital checklists improve more than just food safety and compliance; they also benefit the business side of any restaurant. That can include positive impacts on the operations, productivity, and bottom-line financials of your restaurant in ways you might not ordinarily consider.


If temperature monitoring can save food product, you can prevent spoilage, waste, and lost inventory. One of our customers, for example, had his walk-in cooler short out on the eve of his grand opening (it had been wired incorrectly). Automated temperature sensors immediately alerted his team, and they were able to save $10,000 worth of product.

Labor Management

Technology can make managing labor easier, especially when it comes to food safety. For one thing, automated technologies can eliminate human labor altogether, e.g., no more manual temperature checks when sensors log temperatures by themselves. Further, food safety tech like digital checklists can ensure that workers follow procedure even when they’re reluctant or unsure how. But food safety technology can even boost employee recruitment, engagement, and retention! According to a PwC study of Millennials from 75 countries, this generation has specific desires about workplace technology:

  • 59% of those surveyed said an employer’s provision of state-of-the art technology was important to them when considering a job.
  • 78% said access to the technology they like to use makes them more effective at work.


By automating or otherwise speeding up otherwise manual tasks, like taking temperature readings or filling out checklists, food safety tech can put time back into users’ pockets every single day. That time saved can then be used to focus on higher value tasks, or to expand the scope of quality assurance reviews. For example, one of our customers was able to double the number of checklist items covered –including more quality checks – yet complete the whole checklist in less time than before.


Food safety tech can also ensure that facilities management is easier and more cost-effective. As we’ve written before: restaurant chains that lack clear processes and technology for managing issues like repairs spend as much as 50% more on facilities costs. Many restaurants purchase hardware in isolation: “We just need a thermostat,” they think. But that’s not true: what most restaurants need is a system. By being able to aggregate and track equipment temperature information over time, users can identify the coolers that may need service, before failure occurs.

The ComplianceMate system addresses a critical need for proactive food safety initiatives at growing restaurant chains. Through a combination of wireless temperature sensors, mobile technologies, and easy-to-use tools built for the modern kitchen, ComplianceMate gives you total control over food safety and compliance at your stores. For more information, contact ComplianceMate.