HACCP Compliance and Temperature Monitoring for the Modern Kitchen.
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Food Safety Technology

Temperature Monitoring

24/7/365 monitoring from wireless temperature sensors that actually reside in your coolers (no drilling into cooler walls or external wires taped to the unit). ComplianceMate's Food Safety Technology provides sophisticated controls at your disposal allow you to configure the various alerts depending on your business rules and what makes the best sense for your operation. You can turn off alerts in the evening if a cooler is unstocked. For important coolers such as Walk-Ins, alerts can be triggered and sent to our call center in the event of equipment issue or failure. The call center will work through a predetermined call tree until they talk to a person, anytime, day or night.

HACCP Checklists

ComplianceMate's Food Safety Technology understands your HACCP compliance requirements. With the addition of a Bluetooth temperature probe, product can be probed, temperature recorded, and corrective actions logged, in real time. The application reacts to the data it receives, and will guide your employees through our user-friendly process. The software has been designed so that any of your employees, regardless of their previous technical experience, can digitally comply with your HACCP Standard Operational Checklists.

Notifications / Alerts

ComplianceMate's Food Safety Technology has multiple ways to notify and alert staff of HACCP Compliance/food safety issues. These can include email, text notifications and a live call center for temperature monitoring issues. These notifications can also be incorporated as part of operational checklist completion – i.e. Checklists completed in time or not. Additionally, an anomaly summary can be generated that just includes out of spec temps allowing you to manage the operation and better address food safety issues.

Remote Management via "The Cloud"

All of the data collected by ComplianceMate's Food Safety Technology is available, securely, via any web enabled device from anywhere in the world – no special software is required to view the data for any store. It is also built hierarchically, so a DM will see his district, a GM will see just his store, etc. Having this data available in real time and on mobile devices is a significant game changer. This better allows corporate, your DMs and RMs, to have better information to guide which stores they feel need the most assistance and better coordinate their day to day activities providing greater efficiency and staff utilization.

Reports / Data Viewing

All roads lead to the data center. From here you can interact with graphs of your monitoring data, activity summaries, or dive all the way down to individual time stamped temperature data. Custom summary reports are also available that present the data, from a variety of sources, into a PDF document that your operation is already familiar with. You tell us how you want to see the data.

Operational Checklists

Brand specific and operational checklists are also easily incorporated into the ComplianceMate system. Any of your current checklists can be built into the system to assist with opening lists, closing lists, or lists done periodically throughout the day. Additionally, Bluetooth enabled devices, for example Bluetooth temperature probes, can be used in the system to capture important HACCP data. ComplianceMate's Food Safety Technology can also incorporate photo and video documentation to further enhance staff reporting and food safety management.



  • About Us

    About Us

    ComplianceMate (aka Touchblock) is focused on developing food safety solutions utilizing technology and cloud computing to help restaurants successfully accomplish "real time" HACCP Compliance and food service safety for your customers.

  • Benefits


    Our highly customizable system prevents stores from falling short of the standards you set and health departments require. Best of all, you tell us how you want the system to work for your operation! Users love the system for the simplicity and user friendliness.

  • Results


    ComplianceMate takes your food safety and HACCP Compliance to the next level of operational excellence - beyond the clipboard and notebook. Plain and simple, ComplianceMate is the right tool for managing Back of House Operations, improving HACCP Compliance, improving efficiencies and profitability for your brand.

  • Experience


    ComplianceMate successfully launched its first product for use in kitchens in 2001.  Incorporating our personal experiences as well as insights from our customers, we have developed a system that is comprehensive in capturing data, is user friendly and "light years" a head of other systems currently offered today.

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